A seven-year-old child in Bhivandi near Mumbai is in a serious condition after he swallowed a spring in a toy gun. The kid while playing with his toy gun put the spring in his mouth which he mistakenly swallowed. The spring got stuck in his lungs through his windpipe.

Before long, the kid began coughing wildly and was taken to an nearby hospital. On review, doctors found that a 1.5 cm long steel spring was stuck in his lungs. At the point when doctors in Bhivandi showed their powerlessness to treat the 7-year-old, he was taken to a private hospital in Thane.

The doctors in Thane affirmed the spring in his lungs. Since the child is too young, making it impossible to operate upon, the doctors did bioscopy on him to expel the 1.5 cm since quite a while ago undesirable object.

The spring was effectively removed yet the child is still in the hospital. Notwithstanding, doctors are stating that his health is making strides.

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