थाईलैंड: गुफा से निकाले गए बच्चे नहीं मिल सकते माता-पिता से भी

The eight kids rescued from cave in Thailand are physically and mentally fit. Authorities said that two kids are expected to be suffering with pneumonia and they are being inspected. They are being given anti-biotics. Nonetheless, guardians are prohibited to touch the kids because of the infection. Parents can see them just through a mirror.

Jaysada Chokedamrongsuk, changeless secretary of the Public Health Ministry of Thailand, told reporters at Chiang Rai Hospital – “Every one of the eight kids who have been saved are mentally health. No kid has fever.’

थाईलैंड: गुफा से निकाले गए बच्चे नहीं मिल सकते माता-पिता से भी

The kids were removed from the cave on Sunday and Monday. While the staying four kids and their coach are stuck  in the cave in from 17 nights. They can come out on Tuesday.

The authority said that the X-ray examination of kids and their blood tests have been analysed.

He said – All kids should stay in the hospital for seven days till their reports come.

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