A Muslim man from Shamli, Uttar Pradesh converted to a Hindu. He said that lord ram came in my dream and asked me to convert to Hindu. So, the man along with his family converted to Hindu.

As per a report by ANI, Shazad changed his name to Sanju Rana, after conversion, and furthermore went to the district official to make it official.

Rana said that his ancestors were Hindus who forcibly converted to Islam.

“Lord Ram had been showing up in my dreams for as far back as 15-20 days asking me to come back [to Hinduism]. We were Hindus prior. Hundreds of years prior, intruders went to our property and forced my ancestors to change over to Islam. I am simply coming back to my roots,” he said by ANI.

Rana said that he is not under pressure to change over to Hindu. He said that he and his family are happy with the change.

He admitted that he was scared and stressed over how his community would respond to his decision.

Following this, Rana approached the police in the morning for protection. “I simply needed to secure my kids. I saved my life by escaping to the police station,” he said.

As per ANI, Superintendent of Police Dinesh Kumar stated, “We haven’t found any solid proof with respect to a danger to his life. This change is his own issue. Legal procedures will be undertaken in this issue.”

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