In Madhya Pradesh’s capital, Bhopal, a BJP leader committed suicide by shooting himself by a gun. It is being informed that he reached the home of his lover to offer marriage proposal, however the father refused.

As per the data, Atul Lokhande, Vice President of BJP Yuva Morcha Arora Mandal, loved the girl living in his own neighbourhood. His lover is a PO in a bank. On Tuesday, he reached his lover’s home with a propose for marriage.

When he went into the house, the lover’s dad opened the door. He proposed to wed the girl to her dad. The girl’s father refused.

About this, CSP Umesh Tiwari said Atul had wrote a few things about his relationship before committing suicide on his Facebook page.

Atul stated, “Her dad said that come home tonight and die for your lover… if you love her, if you lived your marriage is confirmed, if you die than already have you have seven births. Then marry her after u]you born. ”

As indicated by the police, Atul had wrote these words on his Facebook account before 15 minutes before shooting himself. Individuals heard the sound of shooting and brought Atul at Parul Hospital. The bullet was stuck inside the head. However, late night the doctors announced him dead.

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