Now, i am introducing you to ‘T-CUP’, the world’s fastest camera till date, which can take pictures at 10 trillion frames every second!

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Created by specialists at Caltech, USA, T-CUP catches a particle of light – a photon – as it travels, the speed of light. As the light is known to be the fasting moving thing known to the world till date.

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“We know that by using just a femtosecond streak camera, the picture quality would be limited,” claims Professor Lihong Wang, the Bren Professor of Medial Engineering and Electrical Engineering at Caltech and the Director of Caltech Optical Imaging Laboratory (COIL), as indicated by a Science Daily report.

So to additionally enhance the camera’s ability, Professor Wang included another camera for taking static frame. This was then joined with the femtosecond streak camera (which can take photographs at one quadrillionth of a second) to get “high quality pictures while recording ten trillion frames for each second.”

That is the reason this camera is such a big achievement, as it can enable us to examine the double nature of light.

This camera will surely help us to know the nature better. It also surely help us in achieving the advancement of the science we have now.

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