A Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader in Uttar Pradesh has said that India is a nation only for Hindus. The BJP MLA, Vikram Saini, said that since the name of the nation is Hindustan, it proposes that it has a place with Hindus.

He additionally said that “today everybody gets benefits independent of their standing”. In an obvious assault on the past governments, he said that prior those with the longest beards got the fattest checks.

“Mai kattar Hinduwadi hu. Hamare desh ka naam Hindustan hai, arthaat ye Hinduon ka desh hai. Aaj bina jaati bhed ke sabko samaan roop se laabh milta hai. Ab se pehle jitni lambi dadhi hoti thi, utna lamba cheque milta tha (I am a staunch Hinduwadi. The name of our nation is Hindustan, which implies it is a nation of Hindus. Today individuals are getting benefits regardless of their caste. Before this, those with the longest whiskers got the fattest checks),” said Saini.

The announcement was made by the BJP pioneer at an open assembling in Muzaffarnagar in Uttar Pradesh on Monday.

He additionally said that “some inept individuals once prevented Muslims from leaving the nation, in light of which we are stuck in an unfortunate situation today”. “Had they cleared out India, all the land would have had a place to us,” Saini included.

This came as a twofold humiliation for the decision party as a gathering MP prior started a column saying those deputed in Army will undoubtedly bite the dust.

Reacting to an inquiry on late dread assault on CRPF camp in Jammu and Kashmir, BJP MP Nepal Singh said that there is no nation where armymen don’t bite the dust.

“They will pass on everyday. Disclose to me one nation where armed force staff don’t bite the dust,” he said.

Obviously resentful about the raising of the issue of armymen being murdered in fear assaults, Singh stated, “Even when a scuffle breaks out in a village, someone or the other gets injured. Tell me a medicine that can save lives.”

In a pre-day break strike on Sunday, no less than five CRPF men were killed when vigorously outfitted fear mongers raged the camp of the paramilitary power at Lethpora. The assault was asserted by Pakistan-based Jaish-e-Mohammed.

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