An imaginative mobile case made by a German engineering student that act like an airbag to protect dropped smartphones from crushing.

The case, made by Philip Frenzel of Aalen University in Germany, detects when a phone is in a free fall and conveys little legs to shield it from harm.

The shock absorber in the four corners of the case don’t look odd as they lie flat in the case in normal. They get comes out just when the case detects a free fall.

The student made the sensors that recognize the free fall of the phone and built up a metal spring that unfurls amid the fall and the power and vitality pads the fall, as per a report. The dampers stick be folded in manually after a fall and are reusable.

For his creation, called “Ad Case” where AD remains for “Active Damping”, Frenzel won a honor from the German Mechatronics Society.

He expects to launch the gadget on Kickstarter this month alongside another student at the college.

Frenzel established a start-up with Peter Mayer, a graduate in economics from Aalen University, to launch his “Ad Case” as a product.

Frenzel’s invention has just been enrolled for a patent, the report said.

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