Ekaterina Stetsyuk, a Russian model jumped out from a 6th floor room in Dubai to escape rape. Despite the fact that she survived the fall, the model broke her spine. At the point when Ekaterina turned down an American business’s proposition for sex, he threatened her with a knife. To avoid being raped by him the model jumped out of the window.

“To save her life and dignity, she jumped from the 6th floor. She survived due by a wonder,” the model’s friend Irina Grossman said. “She can’t walk or move on her own, yet doctors are giving great gauges since her spinal line is in place.” The alleged attacker, whose name isn’t revealed, was supposedly detained at the Dubai air terminal while he was attempting to escape the nation.

On the off chance that indicted, he faces up to 15 years in jail. Ekaterina’s mom brushed away all gossipy tidbits about her daughter being an escort. “My daughter is an well known model in Irkutsk. She left for for Dubai for a month, where she had an agreement.”

“They want to make her guilty.” she included. The model recorded a video from her hospital bed guaranteeing her mom ‘don’t stress.’ Gocha Buachidze, from the Russian Consulate in Dubai stated, “The investigation is in progress. The Consulate can’t give any more details of the accident because of the request of the resident herself.”

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