There’s an app which is grabbing headlines nowadays.

It’s an application, which – prepare yourself – enables you to ‘lease a boyfriend’ to cure depression! Lease A Boy Friend also known as RABF application, site:, was launched on Friday in Pune and Mumbai.

The motive is to help lonely to beat their depression by having a partner close by for a day. The application is the brainchild of 29-year-old Kaushal Prakash who says that “there won’t be any sexual relations or personal meetings.” It’s simply dispassionate.

Kaushal Prakash got this idea with his own experience of depression.

He likewise includes that the application will have a toll free number where individuals could call up ‘experts’ and talk about their issues.

Giving insights about men in show on RABF site, Prakash stated, “You can lease a celebrity for Rs 3,000, or a model for up to Rs 2,000, or an common person for just Rs 300-400 per hour. The site works entirely on a commission basis, giving 70 percent of the earnings to the boyfriends.

“With a corpus of 65 having a place with the age group of 20-25 years, RABF additionally has a few 55-year-older beaus in the blend.”

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