Researchers have found another organ in the human body which they have named the ‘interstitium’. As indicated by a report, the interstitium lies underneath the best layer of skin, but on the other hand is in tissue layers coating the gut, lungs, veins, and muscles. The organ is a system of interconnected, liquid filled spaces everywhere throughout the body.

According to the report, specialists say the system that carries this interstitium liquid is its own distinct organ and it might even be one of the biggest organs in the body.

Analysts say that the investigation is the first to characterise the interstitium as an organ in its own right, and as one of the biggest of the body. The new organ is comprised of both solid (collagen) and flexible (elastin) connective tissue proteins, with interstitial liquid moving all through.

For the examination, the scientists examined tissue examples of bile conduits from twelve cancer patients and perceived the structure in each. They discovered it exists all through the body, acting like a safeguard in all spots where tissues are moved or subjected to force.

As indicated by the tem, the revelation of the fluid ‘highway’ could clarify how cancer spreads in the body, and make ready for better approaches to detect and treat the disease.

Scientists could see living tissues rather than fixed ones by using a newer technology called probe based confocal laser encomicroscopy. The instrument uses a camera test to light up tissues, while sensors analyse the reflected examples.

The investigation was initially published in the Journal of Scientific Reports.

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