People give their personal information to Paytm like bank details in for payments and Paytm is responsible to keep that information a secret and not to misuse it.

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On Monday, police from sec 20 police station arrested 3 accused Paytm employees as they were blackmailing Vijay Shekhar, the founder of Paytm.

According to the SSP, Gautam Buddh Nagar, these 3 employees (two men and 1 lady) had stolen information from the fir where they were working. The group was blackmailing Vijay Shekhar, saying that if he doesn’t give them Rs. 20 crore, they will leak the information.

Vijay Shekhar filed a complaint against the extorting group after which cops took a move. The head of this blackmailing group is Vijay Shekhar’s secretary and police is searching for the fourth accused.

Cops are trying to get some answers concerning their business as usual from all the three accused. It would have damaged the image of Paytm, all things considered, if the the data would have been leaked.

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