Mumbai: Five people including two pilots, two aircraft maintenance engineers and one pedestrians died during the Mumbai pane crash.  People of Ghatkopar  witnessed a ghastly sight of burning bodies.

“The explosions following the crash and flames leaping in the air were so huge that initially, we could not understand what has happened,” said Prakash S Giri, who lives opposite the construction site where the 12-seater plane crashed.

The toll could have been higher had the plane hit any of the high-rises around the spot,” he said. “The pilot did not let this happen. I think the pilot purposefully manoeuvred the plane to this site to avoid casualties,” he said.

“There was a very loud explosion. Smoke and flames engulfed the area in the 50-metre radius, leaving us clueless as to what had happened,” Giri said

“We were having lunch when we heard the first explosion. We immediately rushed out….. Saw a burning body near the crash spot. We tried to save the man but the flames had engulfed him so completely that we found ourselves helpless,” he said, recounting the horror.

Another local resident said after the crash, there were four-five more explosions.

The eye witness informed he saw a person jumping from the third floor thinking his building might also collapse.

King Air C90- 12 seater plane crashen soon after 1 pm in Jagruti Nagar locality of Ghatkopar the crowded area.

“I saw scenes of flames on TV and learnt that the site is not far from my home. I had never imagined that such a tragedy can occur in our vicinity. I came here to see it with my own eyes,” said Suraj, a college student from Ghatkopar.

The police and other agencies actively collected the evidences as it started raining shortly. It is said that CCTV footage from the building area will be obtained to clear the reason of the plane crash.

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