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Rafael’s documents were not stolen Defense Ministry: AG Venugopal

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The disputes of Congress and BJP became big when AG KK Venugopal told that the documents related to Rafale Deal are not stolen from the ministry of defense. He later said he meant that his submission in the Supreme Court, petitioners used the photocopies of the originals. As Congress stated it as a lie, the BJP slammed Rahul Gandhi for his attack on the govt.

Responding to the comments, BJP boss Amit Shah started attacking on Congress president Rahul Gandhi saying, “Lies and Rahul Gandhi are synonymous. In this chain, he had yesterday said that Rafale’s records have vanished from the Defense Ministry, however today it has turned out to be evident that no archives had vanished. Another lie of Rahul Gandhi is before people.” He alleged that Rahul Gandhi “lies mostly” and he now has no believability in Indian politics.

On the Rafale issue also, Rahul Gandhi told many lies, Shah said.
“On Rafale’s price, French prime minister, meeting Manohar Parrikar… he has lied on everything. He likewise lied in the temple of democracy- the Parliament,” the BJP leader asserted. “Art of serving hundred lie to hide one truth! Yesterday in Supreme Court – Rafale files have been stolen. Today – Photocopies of Rafale documents have been stolen,” he tweeted.
Shah, in his tweets, likewise stated, “Insult of Iron Man Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel, who symbolizes unity and integrity of the nation, is not new for the Congress. Rahul Gandhi called India-made Sardar Patel’s ‘Statue of Unity’ as ‘Made in China’.”

Venugopal’s comments in the Supreme Court on Wednesday that Rafale jet deal archives were stolen caused a political row, with Congress president Rahul Gandhi focusing on the legislature over taking of such delicate papers and looking for a criminal investigation.
“I am informed that the restriction has asserted what was argued (in SC) was that documents had been stolen from the Defense Ministry. This is entirely wrong. The explanation that records have been stolen is entirely wrong,” he said.

Official sources said the AG’s use of word stolen was probably “stronger” and could have been avoided.

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