The story of the film is from Naina Mathur (Rani Mukherjee) who lives in Mumbai, who is battling with Tourette syndrome. In light of which he can intermittently interact. Disregarding having a good education, Naina wants to work as a teacher for which she applies to various schools as well. After a lot of difficulties, he is kept as an teacher in a school. However, the most serious issue before them is that 14 children of that class are very naughty and as a result of them, no teacher can stay in that school for long time. When I go to the class of those children , kids begin trolling about their style of talking. Didn’t feel like studying in school and in different ways Naina Mathur is disturbed. With the goal that they leave school. There are various wind tones in the story, in which a moment comes when Naina additionally decides to leave school. Presently, will Naina leave school or will the kid show signs of improvement? At last you should watch the film to realize what the outcome is.


The movie’s story is fine and unsurprising yet the direction is stunning. Work of art is extraordinary and editing is very sharp. Cinematography is great, location is great. Rani Mukherjee has came back to the screen after around four years yet today she has gone about as a free flow such that she is particularly valued. With their feelings, you feel yourself combined. From the first love to the end of the film, you get the chance to see diverse subtleties of Rani Mukherjee’s acting.

Alongside this, films like Sachin Pilgaonkar, Supriya Pilgaonkar and Neeraj Kabi are additionally seen performing great. In the casting of a similar 14 kids Harsh Maiar and the various kids seem, by all accounts, to be comfortable to acting. Jasleen Royale has given great music to the film and songs goes with story. This film is released with the U-certificate, because of which a person of every age can see it.


The weak link of the film is its screenplay because the story of the film could be shown better with great screenplay. In the event that it were all then the film would not be unsurprising. There is no such song in the film which has turned out to be exceptionally famous before release. On the off chance that this was the situation, at that point the interest of watching could have expanded further.


The budget of the movie is being told about Rs 20 crores. Out of which Rs. 12 crores have been planted in the production cost and Rs. 8 crores in the marketing and promotion of the film. The majority of the movies have been shot at the school’s campus. Due to which the production cost has diminished further. Satellite rights of the film have been sold to Sony TV and advanced rights to Amazon Prime. It will be extremely unique to see how much the film acquires in the first weekend.

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