The following are the basic qualities of a reporter or rather a good reporter: Credibility is something that every good reporter should have. In other words, a Reporter must exhibit characters and behaviors that make him or her to be believed and trusted by people.

  • A good reporter should be courageous and confident. Without courage and Confidence it is difficult for a person to be a good reporter. Timidity on the prt of any reporter will get them nowhere.
  • Curiosity is another very important quality of any good reporter. There is the need to be curious all the time. The spirit of curiosity helps the reporter get good stories.
  • A journalist should have a healthy scepticism. This means checking and rechecking information which is very important because every story is based on facts and evidence.
  • A reporter should be able to work fast and enthusiastically on any given story.

News writing especially has a lot to do with deadlines. This therefore means that a good reporter should be able to work under pressure and meet deadlines. If you can’t soak the pressure then it is going to be hard to work as a reporter.

  • A good reporter should be able to gather facts in a very careful and accurate way.
  • Reporters should be able to write well. By writing very well I mean writing clear and well-focused stories that is easy to understand by everyone. Good spellings, punctuations and grammar are also requirements.
  • Reporters should be able to write very good leads for their news stories and features.
  • A good reporter should have the habit of self-editing their copy before submitting it to their editors.
  • There is the need to have wide knowledge on different issues.
  • A good reporter should have an eye for what is newsworthy and should be able to produce new stories without being told.
  • Another very important skill a good reporter should have is the skill of producing stories that are fair and balanced.
  • A good reporter should be skilled at taking notes.
  • A good reporter must be able to analyze and interpret information.
  • Must be good at asking the right questions at the right time.
  • The work of news gathering is quite an unpredictable one. One might never know when news will break or where it will happen. It is for this reason that a reporter should be able and willing to work at irregular hours.
  • A reporter should be a good team player and be capable of working with other reporters, photographers and even editors.
  • A good reporter should be able to take corrections and criticisms in the course.
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