Sajid Khan is now being accused by many women during the #Metoo movement of harassment. Sajid also leaved the post of the director of the upcoming Houseful 4 movie. After that a 3 years old interview went viral of Sajid.

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In a meeting with Bollywood Hungama, Sajid stated, “By the age of 20, I was very deceitful. I involved in many relationships and got out. I broke many hearts, lied, deceived, I said no many girls, As most of us boys do, I was on TV, I was getting successful, I have misbehaved with every good girl that came in my life. Interview is still on YouTube.

Sajid Khan also told in interview, that i was also ready for an Arrange Marriage. He stated, “I was relatively ready for marriage 15-16 years prior, not with the girl whom I dated, but an arranged marriage. I met a girl who agreed to everything that I said to her. This is for the best part for any guy. ”

After claims of rape, Sajid Khan pulled back from Housefull 4 and Farhad will direct his film rather than him.

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