The unique school of UP, where students get daily with studying 10 rupees

Indeed, even today, 3 million girls are not studying and only one of every 100 girls in rural areas can reach upto twelfth class. Many girls can’t go to school because money related troubles. In any case, there is a school in Uttar Pradesh, which is working towards girl child education.

In this school, girl are getting education for free, as well as 10 rupees for every day for girls are also deposited in the bank. Likewise, girls and school kids are given food and dress bags for coming from home. The name of this school is ‘Paradada Pardadi Education Society’, which is in the Bulandshahr of UP.

The unique school of UP, where students get daily with studying 10 rupees

The Paradada Pardadi Education Society started in the year 2000. It was begun by Virendra Singh, who has been the Managing Director and Presseant of DuPont South Asia. They are currently giving education to girls through this school.

Born in a middle class family, Virendra Singh experienced childhood in Anupshahr and left for America for career . After coming back from there he worked on the plan of this school.

This school additionally teaches girl chances to work with education, healthcare, and how to live. At the same time, take a shot at their talents for better future of girls, including sewing and so on.

Here girls are given three time suppers. Not just this, he deposits 10 rupees in his bank account each girl’s name each day and when she passes twelfth, she is given the cash, which is around 40 thousand rupees.

The school began with 41 girls and following seven days just 13 girls were left. Since the father of other girls sold another bike, book, uniform, at a low cost. Yet, after continues hard work, 1350 girls are currently studying in school.

A girls who comes from a distance of 5 kilometers from the school, she is given a free cycle with a book and uniform. While there are six buses in the school for girls who comes form far, they work to bring them.

This school runs a whole year. In these 8 months, the school goes on for 10 hours while amid the winter season 4 months, this school keeps running for 8 hours. The school teaches in the school as well as in the field of computer and English investigations.

The unique school of UP, where students get daily with studying 10 rupees

For girls who are read good and can talk well in English, there is a call centre arrangement for them. Who works for an organization in Gurgaon. At present, around 21 girls are working in this call centre.

The cost of this school is funded by donation and this donation originates from India and from abroad.

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