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As indicated by Ramayana, because of his step mother, Ramji needed to experience 14 yeas of exile. After the exile, Lord Ram came back to Ayodhya and became becoming ruler there. No one knows what happened after that. Here a family claims that they are the descendant of lord shree Ram.

In an interview given to an English channel by Padmani Devi , Queen of Jaipur, said that descendants of shree Ram are alive today.


Rani Padmini Devi, said in the interview that her family is descendant of Lord Ram’s son Kush. As indicated by Rani Padmini, her husband Bhavani Singh was 309th descendant of Kush.

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The name of Maharaja Mansingh and his first wife Marudhar Kanwar’s son was Bhavani Singh. Bhavani Singh was married to Princess Padmini. Queen Padini has claimed that her family is a descendant of Lord Rama.

This royal family has so much wealth, but they don’t have any son they have a daughter whose name is Diya. Diya is married to Narendra Singh and Diya is a BJP leader.

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