History of past 5 years tell about often heard phrase “perception is reality” and it make us all sometimes to feel embarrassed and sometimes to move away from things just because you are frightened and maybe that your perception is not a reality. On one hand, we all can see that the so called heat of the moment is very helpful to understand, what the individual is feeling or wishing to get common or a simple ground and reach the level of understanding. Though, we mostly see the use of this phrase to justify those “Heat of the Moment” feelings and to get the case that our own perceptions are truth and are valid for everyone.

When a kid comes and says, “I hate you” to a disciplining parent, we usually think that it’s a temporary feeling and will fade away once the sting of this thing is gone. Though till few extent there seems to be a bit acceptance that their feeling is valid at the present moment and till eternity, almost it is just an excuse for self control and rest just depend upon your thoughts.

According to many other surveys heard many other people saying that even they heard about this phrase tossed around since the beginning of their basic career—some twenty and so years back. While the original intention of this frame was just to serve as a reminder that people equate their perceptions timely along with  their experiences as there is it becoming reality or not, it soon became a way to justify our inactions either unfair or uninformed judgements, or to walk on the easiest path forward. It started to

become another, more acceptable way of saying and letting know others, “serenity now!”

Before we get too far into this subjects we should even disclose that we all Somewhere started our career designing and analyzing organizational assessments in all their varieties that were in our hand. We all played our part in slathering on a quite good number of these types of phrases to position our services. But as studied both faces of the issue over the past twenty years, come to a more complete understanding of the perfect concept. Perception is indeed reality . . . unless you take wise action as in same way said that dreams are only dreams unless and until you watch them with open eyes.

Here is a bit working of it. There is a specific brain science (or brain curse for some) that plays vital role over here. Our brains are wired to help us find and take care of complex patterns of behaviors. It is started when these patterns are first created—from the very first action of the very first imagination. In these moments, we try to fit our perceptions as to why said instance came to be, as well as how it fits into this whole world. And here is something that makes it more interesting. Once this brand new perception is created, the brain starts looking for confirming the data that this is there in reality. In this way, the brain will accept all kinds of data as confirming some main data—regardless of whether it is, in fact, confirming data.

So, there you have it. The brain draws a cheesy conclusion which very quickly converts from perception to the most wanted thing that is reality. Unless and until you take action to make it other way. Here’s what it mean: the longer this perception goes unchallenged, the closer to reality it becomes. That’s why these perceptions are so difficult explain and forget after defining them verbally. You need to actively generate a new data stream—one that helps people to fulfil it to the reality.

 Kerry Patterson also described the phenomenon of this phrase: “In an uncertain atmosphere, all ambiguous behaviours will be interpreted negatively. And by the way, all behaviours are ambiguous.” So, don’t just believe upon your perception to get results on other hand go and work to make your perception turn in reality.

One of the best ideas to do it is to get into symbolic actions. A symbolic action is type of interaction taken where others who hear it will walk away after knowing your value. While they can take many comments and forms on your symbolic action and maybe through this way it turns to reality.

So now when next time you hear “perception is reality” then just understand the fact and way to make this proverb turn true.

Time: It’s really important to make a priority list and manage it according to time. 

Before attending a seminar or meeting you should be able to make perception that how is it going to help you and make your time beneficial.

Priorities: What is most important to our team? What alignments you should do for your work, projects, and other initiatives to demonstrate what matters most? Are there previous priorities we can put afar in favor of higher value ones?

Ego: Inspire of thinking only about you just try to frame your perception with ideas of others and get a better result for it.

To make your perception turn to reality your actions must matter not your ego.

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