A video of four undergrads went viral in which they are being tortured and forced into performing unnatural sex. The incident occurred in Bihar’s Begusarai region, posted and shared on the web. The video has prompted the arrest of seven people.

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The four students were staying in the privately run Kushwaha hostel. They were arrested on Wednesday, said the police.

The students were purportedly taken behind a jail, stripped and forced into unnatural sex acts with one another. The blamed additionally shot at the toes for the borders, all students are somewhere between 18 and 21 years, and made them drink liquor, said the police. The assault proceeded the whole day.

They were subjected to the cruelty purportedly after that they had declined to purchase water from a processing factory owned by one of the blamed, police said. The charged men made a video and threatened to make the recording viral if the students complaints about it to police.

The video went online on Saturday, after which the police made a few arrest.

The students were admitted to hospital with many injuries. They are said to be stable.

One of the arrested men, Golu Kumar, owns the water treatment plant. Six more were caught on Saturday night.

Raids are being led to arrest a more attackers, the police said.

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