Doctors at the civic run BYL Nair Hospital last Wednesday removed a mind tumor weighing 1.8kg from a 31-year-old man.

Santlal Pal, a local of Uttar Pradesh, was brought to Mumbai after doctor’s facilities in Varanasi and Allahabad declined to admit him claiming that the surgery was excessively risky. The tumor projected from top of Pal’s skull.

Pal was admitted to the department of neurosurgery with swelling under the scalp, heaviness, headache and complete blindness in both eyes on February 1.

“It showed up as though there are two heads mounted over each other. Indeed, even the scalp vessels had turned out to be convoluted and expanded. At the time of admission, the patient was totally visually impaired,” said Dr Trimurti Nadkarni, professor and head of neurosurgery at BYL Nair Hospital.

Specialists examined the reason for his condition with the assistance of CT and MRI filters. A particular CT angiography (used to imagine blood vessel and venous vessels all through the body) was performed to consider blood supply to the tumor. The essential examination uncovered development had spread to the two sides of the cerebrum through the skull bone.

“We clarified the patient and his relatives the hazard required before playing out the surgery. The tumor was evacuated amid a 7-hour surgery on February 14. The patient required 11 units of blood and was kept on ventilator three days after the surgery,” said Nadakarni.

After cross-checking medical records, specialists achieved a conclusion that they had expelled the world’s biggest brain tumor, outperforming the past record set by Nadkarni. In 2002, Nadkarni had evacuated a tumor weighing 1.4kg at the KEM Hospital. The tumor, estimating 30X30X 20 cm, is the greatest at any point announced, the specialists said.

“Such tumors are uncommon and are a surgical test attributable to blood misfortune. Dealing with the patient requires incredible group aptitude and concentrated preoperative checking for victory. The patient has recouped well and is on a full eating routine. He feels soothed of ‘an expansive weight on his head’,” said Dr Ramesh Bharmal, senior member, BYL Nair Hospital.

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