Our parents scold us and they are even very strict many times for us only. They behave like this because they think about us before themselves and work to make our future bright and educated. And we all know that fact, that’s why we mostly follow them what they say.

But some children don’t understand that and start behaving rudely with them and in some cases even worse happens.

The video was shot by his elder sister on Saturday morning and we can hear her truism “Do whatever you want; I will teach you a lesson”.

The video shows the mother sitting on the sofa and the kid standing there with a broom. He first objects her bad mouthing him and forces his mother to stop talking about him with neighbors. Continuing with his dangers, the teenager beats her, saying, “If you keep talking this way, I will beat you.” The lady, in her mid 50s, is seen shouting in pain as the kid beats her with broom.

This 17Year Old Boy Beating His Old Mom For Talking About His Poor Marks In Neighbourhood,This @ss Reporteldy Beats Her Whenever She Says Him To Change His Habits.

This Is Degradation Of India Society,Let’s Share This And Make This Moron Ashamed.

Share,So As Everyone Sees Him. pic.twitter.com/Em3dixab0b— ☬ SINGH ਸਿੰਘ ☬ 🇮🇳 (@HatindersinghR) December 9, 2018

After the compliant was registered, the teen apologized to his mom in front of the police and signed an undertaking that he will never repeat this thing.

“The son was angry with the mother as she purportedly bad mouthed him in the neighbors. As of late, the lady was seen talking with her neighbors on the future of her child as he was not serious about his future and faring badly in studies,” said police.

At the point when the sister tries to stop the teen, he asks her to keep quiet, saying he doesn’t care regardless of whether his mom holds up a complaint. The mother asks for her daughter not to intervene. The sister, be that as it may, proceeds to let him know, “I know you don’t care about us, but I know what to do.”

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