लड़की बेडरूम में डांस वीडियो बनाकर करती थी अपलोड, हुई गिरफ्तार

Teenage girl Maedhe Hozhabri records videos of herself without wearing hijab. The girl used to dance to Western pop and rap music.

In Iran, ladies must to wear hijab in public places. Aside from the girl, the people arrested because of the video has not been uncovered.

Hozhabri’s account has likewise been suspended which had around 6 lakh followers.

Later the girl and others have been seen conversing on the government TV channel. Activists say that the Iranian officials does this forcibly to make accept the crime.

लड़की बेडरूम में डांस वीडियो बनाकर करती थी अपलोड, हुई गिरफ्तार

With the black look on TV, the lady can be seen telling the truth behind making the video while crying.

After the arrest, Hozhabri’s video is being shared a large number of times. Numerous bloggers and others via social media have come to help the girl.

Blogger Hossein Ronagi composed: ‘Anyplace on the planet, if you will tell anybody that a 17-18 year old girl has been arrested for dancing, staying happy, beautiful, so people will laugh at you.’

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