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The Youth of a Nation are the trustees of Posterity, The Future of Nation.

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The youth of a nation is always seen as the future of a country. They are the ones who shall take on the role of parents, workers and administrators. They are the ones who are unified by their ability to dream, to hope for a batter world, to wish for happiness for everyone. Behaviour of a person developed in the youth carries forward throughout life and most often so do the things that the person comes to believe in.  India is widely known for its diversity, its many cultures and languages and the people who take pride in them. And yet this very diversity has been the cause of conflict. The very same culture corrupted over time started shaping a casteist and patriarchal society. After the independence of this nation, everyone believed that everything would finally fall into place. Poverty would be rid off in due time, casteism will vanish and people of different religions would happy live in a cooperative society. The number of places where you would be able to see this 70 years later, is grossly minute when compared to the number of places where this dream has still not be realised. What happened to us? Everything was supposed to happen for the good. After all, it was the people of our own country elected democratically. Not people of a different country of a different race ruling over our land in the name of a queen who could not even pronounce the name of this land right. What went wrong ?


The youth is powerful. The fire inside them has the light of hope, the warmth of unity and the ability to burn away fear. But this very fire, if burnt with the wood of radical ideology and the fuel of anger could glow with a blinding light where the recognition of right and wrong is lost. The heat emitted shall ward of all people who might want to talk sense and this fire of hatred could burn away anything standing in its way. Today in Kerala, this fire burns high and bright from two sources. And while each one of them wants to out-burn the other, lives are being lost in this wildfire of hate and bias. Kerala’s student politics has been known for its rigid and staunch attitude of students. Once a student has accepted an ideology and become a member of that party, they strongly identify themselves with their party and are always ready to propagate as well as defend the ideology they come to so strongly believe in. There have been two factions which have largely been at what might practically be called war. The RSS and CPI-M have been in tussle for a very long time. From college fights to blasts, this tussle has seen the ugly side of a prolonged fight. People have died on both sides. But then again how can there be any such sides bent on killing each other when they are all citizens of the same land which had been freed in 1947, the objective for which so many others died while fighting the imperialist regime ? The fact that the very same people for whom so many laid their lives for just so that they could live in harmony and would not have to suffer what the freedom fighters had to, those very same people are killing each other today is probably the saddest thing that the country could witness. The Indian Freedom Struggle is a matter of great pride for the people of India. But if these very people are hating each other  so much that they come down to killing, they are greatly disrespecting the entire freedom movement as well as the sacrifices made by the freedom fighters. This country was not freed so that one day its own people would turn against each other and start creating a state of civil war in this nation.


The student wing of RSS, Akhil Bhartiya Vidya Parishad ( ABVP ) and the student wing of CPI-M, Student Federation of India ( SFI ) have indulged in innumerable cases of violence, attempting to physically harm and in certain cases mortally wounding the so called opponent. These students who are yet to fully take on the complete responsibility of an able citizen of the country , are being converted into goons and potential criminals. These who come out of their homes from the shelter of their parents to know the world are being preached hatred. How can any of them hope to achieve peace when all that is being practised is hate? The left and the right might be considered ideologies heading in opposite directions, but the reason for the existence of both has been to guide the path to a better society. Beating people up and killing them is definitely not a smart way to go about it. So what is this really? This dear readers, is a power struggle, the physical part of which no leaders on either side will ever fight because they have been so successful in creating self replicating pawns.  A drug peddler spends most of his time trying to sell his product to school and college kids. Because they are impressionable, because they want to look like they are mature and can do stuff, because they are so eager to try out new things, because they are so damn easy to get hooked on to something. Doesn’t that sound like a good potential party worker? The peddler of course has no concern about the welfare of the people he sells his drugs to, why should he care what happens to them, as long as they are many and as long as they are loyal, he’s pretty happy. Doesn’t that sound like your usual politician?

If one tried to go to the origin of this problem, it is rather unclear as to what really triggered this chain of hate. With multiple accusations on the media being biased and the obvious bias of the party workers, one is often stuck confused as to which report is to be believed. But what is certain is that both the student wings and their parent parties are indulging in violence. While this is happening in the South, we decided to take in the views of the members of the very same student wings as well as other left leaning student wings in a major university in the North where the Left is on the rise while the Right is making a comeback. The political scenario in Panjab University has shifted from being dominated by student unions to that of being dominated by student wings of political parties. The ABVP in Panjab University has put up their posters at various student gathering spots with the message to go to Kerala to “stop the communist bloodbath”.  We spoke to Harmanjot, the spokesperson of ABVP, Chandigarh who is currently in Kerala aiding the ABVP to conduct rallies across the state. Here is what he had to say :

“It was the communist government in Kerala which first started killing people of the RSS.  Wherever the communist have ever entered in the world, they have always acted harshly against those of differing ideologies. Even when people within the CPI-M wanted to switch parties or accept a new ideology, they have even harmed them. They beat people whom they see wearing rachis. They are creating an environment of terror in Kerala. They talk about Freedom of Speech while because of them people don’t have the Right To Life over here.  They are very insecure about their ideology.  The communists here don’t want any other ideology to enter here. They are destroying our hoardings.  And it is justified for them to be insecure. Because once someone else comes here, they shall be exposed. The media over here is blacking us out because they are influenced by them. We are reaching out to people all across the country. And we are being widely accepted here in Kerala. We are receiving a lot of love here. Trust me, a very strong wave of nationalism is about to rise in Kerala. This Red Terrorism must be finished.”

Ravinder Singh, the General Secretary of SFI, Punjab had this to say:

“The ABVP always instigates first. They attack first, and provoke the communists in Kerala to attack. The atmosphere of violence immediately erases the atmosphere for debate and discussion where they can never win. SFI in Kerala has been trying to end casteism by increasing the acceptance for Dalits to enter temples which was otherwise prohibited. The ABVP is against this. There is violence from both sides now we don’t deny that, but we do not justify this either. SFI is an independent democratic front strictly for students. We do not speak for CPI-M but for ourselves.”

Satveer, a volunteer  for SFI, Punjab said :

“ABVP does not come to debates. They can’t make their space among the intelligentsia. When we want to talk to them about unemployment, the farmers’ distress and so many such things, they’ll never show up.  They’ll instead try to cover up by showcasing talks about nationalism and cow protection.  They are reactionary in their approach towards women; they are reactionary towards anything that they feel is against them.  Their ideology is weak. They are largely orthodox and want to propagate cultural nationalism. They want to build a society dominated by a single culture and religion. They want to replace a bouquet made of various flowers by a bouquet made only of saffron flowers.  The media must act responsible. They did not reveal the actual number of children who died in Uttar Pradesh under Yogi Adityanath’s rule, they briefly went over Amit Shah’s son’s case. But this event is being shown in great detail because this is their chance to defame CPI-M. And before calling us terrorists, they must look at their own past.”


Harman, the spokesperson for Students For Society ( SFS ), a communist organisation building in Panjab University did not think highly of either of the two :

“ The BJP is only trying to create its space in Kerala. This fascist force is an opportunist like all Right organisations. People are very angry with them. They are trying to cloak their three years of failure with cow protection, Hindutva and pseudo nationalism.  They use police to kill Muslims in fake encounters. They are openly practising Saffron Terrorism and Sate Terrorism.  Their history has been such, wether it be Gujarat or wether it be Muzzafarnagar. This is simply their attempt to come to power in Kerala.

CPI-M is not Leftist. They are implying the very same policies that have been exploiting the resources of India. It is the policies that define a Leftist or Rightist. CPI-M killed a lot of Communists during the Naxal uprising in West Bengal. The RSS backed Indra Gandhi in her tyrannical regime.  Both of them have their goon forces which are clashing in Kerala. But this is because it is the RSS which is trying to dominate. Like Hitler they are trying to divert peopl’s attention towards a terrorist who does not exist. RSS is completely responsible for this blood bath, they are trying to suppress protests all across the country by mistreating people. ”

While the blame game is on, the tension continues in Kerala. A country divided is not the country the freedom fighters fought for. The conflict amongst ourselves has to stop. Because there are many who are waiting, who are hoping, that someday a party, a leader will make things right. There are many empty stomachs to be filled, many rapes to be stopped, many farmers to be stopped from committing suicide, many people who are to be shown that casteism is the biggest bane of this country. When we hope to see a social change on a massive level, the most efficient manner to make this happen is to feed the upcoming generation with the information corresponding to the principles and the societal framework that we want our country to be all about. India as a country must make sure that its citizens are safe, and the people as citizens must ensure that they are not the ones who are making it unsafe. And while demonetisation, Rahul Gandhi’s comeback and the practicality of the Left remain debatable, there is very less that can harm a nation if its people are united.



Abhishek Singh 

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