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India is making a mark in tech world now very fastly and we are going to be the top in the world in science world.  After Sofia became popular, India also made the world’s first Hindi-speaking robot. Other than Hind, the robot can also understand other regional languages, it’s name is Rashmi.

The credit for making the world’s first Hindi-speaking robot goes to Ranjit Srivastava, resident of Jharkhand’s capital Ranchi. 38-year-old Ranjit is graduate from Management According to Ranjit, he wanted to show the world that India can also do anything.

Image result for hindi speaking robot

Like the Sofia, considered to be the world’s most intelligent robot, Rashmi is also Humanoid Robot. It is designed with the help of Artificial Intelligence, Linguistic Interpretation, Visual Data and Facial Recognition System. Because of which Rashmi is able to understand emotions, recognise faces and speak different languages.

Rashmi can speak Hindi and English as well as in Marathi and Bhojpuri. He does not answer the word just by listening to the word, but gives an answer by understanding the meaning of the hidden feelings behind words.

According to Ranjit, it took about two years to make Rashmi and so far 50 thousand rupees have been spent. This robot can move your face, eyes, lips and eyebrows. At the same time, the neck turns around during the conversation.

Rashmi’s ear has the camera and the hearing device in eyes. Because of which, it understands a person by just meeting anyone one or two times. Not only this, Rashmi can also observe the lip movement of the person.

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