When most parts of north India have been reeling under a serious heat wave, he walked around with a blanket tightly folded over him.

Santram’s condition may appear to be unusual to numerous however local people in Deroli town in Haryana’s Mahendragarh are used to by watching him dressed just opposite the season. In this way, amid the summer, he lights fire and won’t leave home without a shawl over his body. Reports that it is opposite amid the winter months when he is found loose cotton kurta. He claims he even eats ice amid the cool season to, well, feel chilly.

Kindred villagers say they have seen Santram following this pattern since his childhood years and keeping in mind that they have no clarification, are currently totally accustomed with it.

As indicated by common medical knowledge however, the body always produces and loses heat. Extensively, it is on the grounds that the body can’t rapidly lose warm it produces amid summer months, he feels hot. The opposite is valid for winter months when the body shivers. Shuddering is, essentially, muscles tightening and relaxing rapidly to deliver more heat than what is being lost.

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