A Time Traveler named “Noah” from future has been in the news continually. He made many revelations and predictions which can happen in real in future. Some of his revelations includes that humans will begin living on Mars in the next 10 years, war will break between North Korea and South Korea.

He also indicated about Donald Trump being re elected as the US president, Global warming and Artificial intelligence will increase.

Actually, as of late he revealed how the US will look like in 2030 and how the Philippines could shape a mega-nation in coming years. He spoke about human’s step towards immortality, aliens visiting Earth.

Be that as it may, the man is feared of his life now and is concerned that he may have set off a alarms for the govt. He told that there are people who are looking for him and on the off chance that he suddenly disappears later on, there’s something terrible. He said that he’ll be caught by the govt soon and it will take him some place.

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