Actor  Rajesh Kumar, best known for playing the role of Rosesh Sarabhai in prevalent TV show Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai has taken up ‘spiritual cultivating’.

Obviously, he has stopped the city life for this.

According to the reports, Rajesh described how he got the motivation to do spiritual cultivating.

He stated, “I was sitting under a mango tree, some place around here, and that was the point at which it struck me, relatively like Buddha’s story.”

Rajesh is working towards making Barma, a little town in Bihar, a shrewd town. He has used ‘zero-budget otherworldly cultivating’ for sustainable development.

He additionally helped the town get electricity by constantly calling and taking a catch up with the electricity department.

The actor, whose day now begins with cultivate exercises like farm activities, says that he misses nothing in regards to Mumbai.

He likewise illuminated that he took the measure since he wasn’t getting any parts.

“At the point when a performer takes up another calling, numerous expect this is on the grounds that he isn’t getting work. Be that as it may, for my situation, the sort of work I was offered in TV wasn’t challenging and a portion of the characters were simply displayed on Rosesh Sarabhai.”

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