Our Union Minister Nitin Gadkari has always been known for his unique proposals. There is another one proposal came from Nitin Gadkari. He asked for the storage of the human urine at all the airports in the country to make urea from it.

As per him, if India successfully stores the urine then we will not have to import fertilizers from outside. He claims addressing a meeting of young innovators at the Mayor Innovation Awards function of the Nagpur Municipal Corporation.

He also gave the case of how bio-fuels can be extricated from natural waste.

Indeed, even human pee can be helpful for making a bio-fuel and it can likewise yield ammonium sulfate and nitrogen, he said.

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“I asked for storage of pee at airports. We import urea, yet on the off chance that we begin storing pee of whole nation, at that point we won’t have to import urea, so much potential it has, and nothing will be wasted,” the clergyman said.

“Other individuals don’t participate with me since every one of my thoughts are fabulous,” he said.

“Indeed, even the municipal corporation won’t help, on the grounds that in government, individuals are prepared to resemble (blinkered) bulls who walk in the rut, not looking all over,” he said.

A few years prior, Mr Gadkari had said that he stores his own pee and utilize it as compost for the garden at his official bungalow in Delhi.

Talking at the capacity, he additionally gave the case of utilization of amino acid separated from human hair, which can be utilized as a manure.

It increased the production at his gardens by 25 percent, he claimed.

Since he couldn’t get sufficient hair in Nagpur, he needed to buy “five trucks of hair” from Tirupati (where devotees shave their head which are later sold) each month, Mr Gadkari said.

“We are selling amino acid abroad and have order of around 180 containers of bio-fertilizer from the Dubai government,” the minister, who controls Purti Group of Industries, said.

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