Doordarshan became colourful on this day and after this the fever of colour TV stated in the nation. Government Broadcaster Doordarshan began colourful broadcasting on April 25, 1982. You will be amazed to know that today Doordarshan is broadcasting 21 Channels with 2 nationals and 11 regional channels. With 1416 ground transmitters and 66 studios, Krishi Darshan is the longest in the nation. Krishi Darshan is the longest running Doordarshan program in the nation.

Inside a half year of shading communicate, the demand for TVs has increased and the government has imported 50,000 TV sets from abroad. There was such a great amount of outrage among the people about the colour TV that individuals were ready to give 15000 rupees for the rs 8000 TV. Until 1975, Doordarshan was limited to just 7 cities. Projects like Hum Log, Buniyad, nookad and Ramayana passed on the fame of Doordarshan to the  countries.

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