We Indians loves to eat sour things. Be it a mango, imli or anything. We love to it.

One of the most loved thing for this taste in India is the none another than the PULSE candy. Do You Know, from where this candy came and over nights it became the king of candies and ruled our hearts.

Now, let’s know the history of our beloved Pulse candy.

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The company ‘DS Group’, built in 1929, they thought to introduce such a candy which can takeover the market in just few time. They researched on this and found that people in India love to eat things made from raw mango. Also got to know that, mango candies have around 50% of the candy market.

The team noticed that people like eat raw mango with some spices on it. So, company planned to o the same and introduced the big product named ‘Pulse’.

The organisation didn’t planned any marketing for the product. They explained that they wanted the people to know about their product by it’s qualities not by it’s brand.

And all these strategies by the organisation worked very well.

By the overnight success of the candy, the company had to increase it’s production very quickly.

The production rose to the massive level that in 2016 it produced 1250 tonnes of candy per month.

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