Bollywood’s top rate actress, Deepika Padukone has had an incredible begin to the year with perfect work of art ‘Padmaavat’ getting a deafening reaction took after by her charming appearance at the Cannes red carpet. In any case, what has everybody guessing is the reason there hasn’t been any formal film declaration on part of the actress.

All things considered, there are a few speculations doing the rounds. As per a report, from her constant neck and back problem to looming marriage with Ranveer Singh, gossip mongers are discussing everything in secretive tones.

Nonetheless, the report expresses that another reason which is being refered to is the way that she presently is focussing on creator supported contents. Citing a source the report specifies that in spite of the fact that the actress has been offered huge big projects with leading actress however the content and her role has not been as intense as ‘Padmaavat’. In this way, the gravity of the part is fundamentally important for the actress, it appears.

Furthermore, remuneration is another big reason behind why she hasn’t marked anything new. Evidently, her fee is far too high for the production houses, apparently.

In the interim, the Vishal Bhardwaj venture which she should star in took a rearward sitting arrangement after co-star Irrfan Khan revealed his health condition. The actress uncovered that he is experiencing NeuroEndrocrine Tumor for which is he under treatment at present.

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