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Previous CEO of PepsiCo (CEO) Indra Nooyi said if she joins politics then it will cause the Third World War since she “keeps her talk with a lot of carelessness”.  Non-Profit Society of Asia, 62-year-old Nooyi was awarded the “Game Changer of the Year Award” on Tuesday. On leaving the post of CEO of PepsiCo, Nooyi said on the topic of going along with US President Donald Trump’s Cabinet , “There is no combination of my politics and I am very helpless, I am not a diplomat. I do not even know diplomacy, I can be the cause of the Third World War, I will not do that.”

Indra Nooyi had quitted from the post of CEO of PepsiCo on October 2. After this Ramon Lagua has been made the new CEO. Nooyi will remain the Chairman of the organization until 2019. Nooyi has chosen to rest after working 18 to 20 hours in a day since most recent 40 years. She stated, “When I decided to resign, I thought it would be very difficult to get up and run for work in the morning, work 18-20 hours a day, besides that I have nothing in the past 40 years. Done. ” She said that subsequent to leaving, I understood that there is a lot of life other than work.

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