A video shot from Zhengzhou in China went viral. A lady in the video can be seen mixing rice balls in the loo and eating it.

The lady, in front of the audience, can be seen taking a bite from one of the balls after mixing them in the urinal. The lady also appears to enjoying those rice balls.

As per local media, the lady works at Tenfu Group, a China-based company that has good experience in tea items. In the video, she can be heard saying: “I will fry them in it (the urinal). It still has water inside. It is the same as frying food.

She was not forced to eat it, but it was her own decision. “Let me be the first one to eat,” she can be heard saying.

Also, it would seem that she was not only one. Two different women also be heard saying about the rice balls. “It tastes great – yummy,”.

Watch the video here:

Reports propose that the thought behind this was to show that the washrooms were very clean and that they maintained high level of cleanliness there also. Furthermore, the big meal in the restroom was only an experiment to their point.

The video was apparently shot on July 16.

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