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One message is becoming viral on WhatsApp, which can hang your mobile by touching. Maybe someone sent you this kind of message too. Usually the message is written – ‘do not touch this ball.’

Many times the ball, or black color, is filled in the message, but all the people told that it not a joke, it really hangs your phone for sometime. Then we decided to go into the depth of what could really hang a phone or hang up a whatsapp.

To know the truth of the matter, we opened a similar message and check it out. In fact, our mobile also got hanged.

When we searched on the Internet about such messages to look into the matter, we found that this is not a single such message, there are many messages that can hang the phone.

In fact, to build such messages, special software is used to convert millions of crores of numbers, letters or symbols to a very small-looking message. Such messages come in the form of a few letters on your phone, but in fact they hold up very large amount of data in themselves, when we tap on that message the phone got blasted with very large amount of data in the phone.

In simple language, you can get this complex technology as if your phone gets a message, ‘do not touch this ball’, behind its every letter like millions of numbers or special types of code will be written which you will can’t see.

Apps like Whatsapp are not designed to handle such a large amount of data in a message, so they can not bear the burden of such messages and start hanging, but the phone starts working properly after deleting such messages. Depending on how long the phone will be jammed, it depends on how much data has been pushed behind the small-looking message.

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