A Chinese researcher claimed that he successfully, altered the DNA of twin girls at an embryonic stage, girls who were born this month in China.

The doctor used CRISPR gene editing technique to infuse external protein and certain instructions to prevent the girls from AIDS for lifetime – Lulu and Nana – from ever getting infected by HIV and contracting AIDS disease.

doctor crispr human baby gene editing dna

Hailing from the Southern University of Science and Technology in Shenzhen, scientists He Jiankui supposedly used CRISPR – a disputable gene editing method – to alter the DNA of Lulu and Nana. The two girls were effectively born earlier in the month and are presently living with their parents in China.

According to an Associated Press report, the doctor fertilized the embryos for seven couples through IVF medicines, and one of those seven pregnancies has supposedly been successful.

In a YouTube video where the doctor talks in English, he explains how he used CRISPR gene editing method to modify the DNA of Lulu and Nana when they were simply cells. He injected an external protein alongside a few instructions to perform “cellular surgery ” on the two fertilised embyros.

The gene editing medical procedure was intended to protect the girls from future HIV infection, guarantees the doctor, by removing the portal through which the AIDS infects individuals. Later scientists utilized gene sequencing method to effectively confirm that the DNA-editing tweak had really worked.

On the off chance that there are no difficulties in the soundness of Lulu and Nana, as they grow up, this everything except affirms CRISPR/Cas9 becoming favored gene altering tool of things to come. The incredible part about this innovation is it works basically like cutting and pasting parts of content from a Word document to another, with regards to revamping a person’s genetic code.

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