Around the globe, as the ‘most fat kid’, Arya preremana reduced his weight by about half. At 10 years old he weighed 190 kg. Presently he is 12 years of age.

Arya, living in Indonesia’s western Java, was fat to the point that it was equivalent to 6 offspring of her age. He began experiencing issues in moving.

In April a year ago, he turned into the most young kid to experience gastric sleeve operation.

The World Records Museum of Indonesia announced Arya the heaviest individual.

Her surgery was finished by a specialist at Omni Hospital in Jakarta. Presently he can move and school is likewise going.

Arya said that he has left overeating and now he can fill tummy with 6 spoons.

He said that the specialists advised him to not to eat sweets and soft drinks.

Arya said that he would now be able to play tennis, badminton.

The specialist depicted his condition as the most difficult case on the planet.

Aya was a very active student. In any case, as the weight increased, she needed to leave school.

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