In spite of the fact that we’ve seen cases of gigapixel pictures before, pictures that are more than 1000 megapixel in resolution, this one is essentially the biggest picture ever created.

It’s more than 1000 gigapixels in resolution and assumed control 2187 hours to assemble. See the world’s first ever terapixel picture!

At an as of late finished up computer photography conference, SIGGraph, a group of picture takers drove by Gene Cooper did something genuinely striking. They made a mosaic of food items, a macro photo that is 1053.07 gigapixels in resolution!

The picture is the world’s first full scale photo that is more than one terapixel in size and resolution – that is 1,053,070 megapixels, enough to print the picture in a 402 meter long strip, and still keep up superb resolution and sharp focus.

There is no camera on the planet that can take a photograph as large as the terapixel. So how did picture takers did the unimaginable? They joined 629,370 pictures anWorld’s Largest Image At 1,053,070 Megapixels, World’s Largest Image At 1,053,070 Megapixels, d gathered the mosaic, which took a sum of 2,187 hours — or around three months of constant editing with no sleep breaks.

You can  see the terapixel picture. You can do as such by clicking here, and furthermore discover more about what went into making this amazing terapixel picture mosaic.

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