The world’s oldest known spider has died after a record-breaking life expectancy of 43 years, as indicated by researchers in Australia.

The spider, known as Number 16 to Australian researchers, was a female trapdoor tarantula living in Western Australia’s Central Wheatbelt region, Agence France-Press reports. The spider didn’t died of old age, in any case, yet was killed by a wasp sting, scientists said Monday.

The arachnid 8-legged creature far outlived the past record holder, a 28-year-old tarantula in Mexico, as indicated by an examination distributed in January in the diary Pacific Conservation Biology. Number 16 was found amid a spider population in 1974, and has been observed by specialists from that point forward.

“As far as anyone is concerned this is the oldest spider at any point recorded, and her huge life has enabled us to additionally investigate the trapdoor spider’s behaviour and population dynamics,” said Curtin University’s Leanda Mason, the lead author in study.

Addressing the Telegraph, Mason said the group were “really miserable” over the spider’s death.

Trapdoor arachnids, which are common over Australia and can be found in the wild and additionally in neighbourhoods, ordinarily live between of five and 20 years. Females frequently live most to the majority of their lives in a similar burrow hole, and are not viewed as hazardous to people.

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