Domitilla Stefanini first wrote a letter to her husband declaring her love 18 years back. Now she is writing another love letter to him, yet this time she has enlisted the help of professional writer Micol Graziano.

For 70 euros ($85.90) Graziano, a 39-year-old journalist, interviews individuals who want to write love letters and after that writes the letter for them. Her customers include men and ladies, individuals who are gay and straight, married and having affairs.

“Today, to write a love letter is revolutionary,” said Graziano, who writes around six letters every month. She said she doesn’t know whether her clients tell the recipients they had help in making the handwritten notes.

“I try to grasp their sensations, their feelings, and after that I translate them,” she said. “The planet`s greatest leaders have professional writers.”

For Stefanini, 44, the letter was a way for rekindling her marriage.

“Like all couples, we had an bad patch. I said to myself, I have to find an different method to reinforce the relationship,” she stated, seated at the dining table in central Rome where she had just finished up the letter as Graziano dictated.

“Perhaps the fervency that was there 18 years prior has blurred a bit, and I was worried I wouldn’t find the correct words to transmit my feelings,” she said.

Stefanini pressed the letter into the hand of her husband, Stefano Carli, 45, and left him to read it. A while later, he was obviously moved.

“If you need to say ‘I care for you, I love you, I generally think about you’, you write it on Whatsapp or Facebook Messenger … this is significantly more genuine,” Carli said.

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