Every so often the notes of 500 and 2000 rupees or some other note gets coloured, so a few shopkeepers decline to acknowledge it. In reality individuals are anxious about the possibility that that these notes won’t be accepted.

In the event that you additionally have a coloured note or a note has torn, you can without much of a stress change these notes by going to the bank. No bank can decline to change these notes. Nonetheless, on the off chance that you don’t observe a few things about notes, then your new note of 500 and 2000 rupees can likewise be garbage.

We are not discussing fake notes. These notes you have will be new and real. They may be released by the Reserve Bank of India, yet a mistake will make them a invalid.

Reserve Bank of India had issued a circular on July 3 a year ago. This circular was about which bank can acknowledge which notes are not and which isn’t.

As per the circular, if any political motto is wrote on any note, that note would be invalid. No bank will accept it. RBI has unmistakably expressed in its round that such notes won’t be legal tended . This implies such notes won’t be acknowledged by any bank of the nation. They will turn out to be totally garbage. However regardless of how high their value is.

Colored note: In March a year ago, a message on Whatsapp was viral, which was being said that the people part banks were not taking notes coloured. While saying on this, the Reserve Bank of India had said that no bank can decline to take these notes. Alongside this, he taught individuals not to foul up the notes.

Purposefully Torn Note: Circular expresses that the bank should not accept any such notes which have been intentionally torn. RBI says that incidentally, it is hard to recognise purposely torn notes, yet in the event that torn notes are taken a gander at deliberately, at that point it can be known.

Such notes can be changed: If the note you have has torn or torn, however all the important data is seen on it, at that point the bank can not decline to change such notes.

As per the roundabout, banks should change such notes, which have been torn separated in two sections, however there is some vital data on the notes. Banks will likewise need to accept takes note of that are glued.

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