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Shehzad Poonawalla targets Rahul Gandhi, Questions over the questioning the process to elect party President

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Rahul Gandhi must surrender his post since he has an out of line advantage by being the Vice President and afterward challenge party races, Shehzad Poonawalla said.

Voices of dispute have risen days before Rahul Gandhi’s impending height to the post of gathering president, with Congress pioneer and Maharashtra Congress secretary Shehzad Poonawalla scrutinizing the procedure to choose party President. Naming the whole exercise ‘fixed’, Poonawalla said VP Rahul Gandhi should first leave from his post.

Poonawalla said he would likewise challenge the decision on the off chance that it was directed in a “certified” way. On Tuesday, he has likewise composed a letter to Rahul Gandhi in such manner.

“I can’t challenge a fixed race. On the off chance that the framework is real, at that point I will challenge. It is a fixed election…it is a determination. Representatives who will vote in favor of this decision have not been chosen according to the sacred prerequisites. They have been handpicked,” he told IANS.

Poonawalla additionally stated: “I will challenge if Rahul Gandhiji consents to first have really chosen designates and not handpicked delegates. Second, he should surrender his post since he has an out of line advantage by being the Vice President. He has been chosen and not chose as VP. He will leave his post, I will leave my post… At that point we can challenge.

“Third, will he be prepared for a broadcast wrangle about where we both as candidates can have a level headed discussion on what is our vision for the Congress party? We can be judged on justify, not on the surname,” he said.

“Lastly, I need him to acknowledge that our gathering must have an administer of one family-one ticket. I will be cheerful to challenge in a honest to goodness decision, not in a fixed race,” the gathering pioneer included.

In his letter to Gandhi, Poonawalla made a few inquiries.

“Right off the bat, a typical gathering laborer like me joined the gathering in 2008-09. I invested time, vitality and cash working willfully for the gathering at all levels lastly got raised following eight years to the position of a Secretary in a state unit in 2016.

“Yet, how and why (other than your surname) destroyed you a similar time traverse begin off with a MP situate in 2004 itself, get general secretaryship in 2007 and after that graduate to bad habit presidentship of the national unit while your mom was the President?” he composed.

“Did you win us more races, would you say you were truly chosen to these posts, improved addresses than different pioneers? You should in this way leave from the VP post and challenge as a common part for the decision of the president. How might it be a reasonable challenge if a typical specialist needs to challenge against the VP (who was chosen and not chose as the VP or the number two in the gathering)?” he said.

“Since the delegate framework is totally fixed and controlled, for a reasonable battle for the presidentship, will you enable genuine agents to get designated and vote as opposed to a bundle of handpicked ‘yes’ men?

“If not, will you at any rate confront your opponent in a broadcast verbal confrontation to see who explains a superior vision for the Congress gathering and India? Will you enable yourself to be judged on justify as opposed to your surname? In the event that yes, how about we have that challenge. I am prepared.”

Poonawalla additionally stated: “You neglected to convey on the guarantee that IYC, NSUI won’t wind up choosing offspring of ‘netas’. Will you at any rate now control the endless dynasts who are given tickets and posts in the gathering by actualizing the run – one ticket/post to just a single part in any family?

“So in the event that I host a get-together ticket or post – my sibling, sister, mother, brother by marriage, and so on., can’t be qualified for a ticket or post. We are not into some privately-run company, are we?” his letter read.

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